Meet the family

We come from a Greek family of cafe owners, dating back as far as 1922.

From Cape Town, South Africa to Clermont in Central Queensland, our Grandparents and Great Grandparents, have found success in unexpected places. Our parents continued in this tradition, in a slightly different avenue, opening St Lucia House of Flowers in 1984.


Fast forward to 2013 and a few generations later, I decided that coffee was in our blood and opened up Briki Espresso. Ironically enough our shop is located in the exact same site as my parents former business, which we'll call a sign from the (Greek) Gods.


A 'Briki' is a pot which Greek people use to make their coffee, and when you come into our shop we hope you get a sense of the history and culture we're so proud to call our own.


So when you come in make yourselves at home, have a piece of Baklava and take a sip of the Mediterranean.